Seth Newsome

I design learning experiences for technical and industrial arts

About me

My name is Seth Newsome, and I am a learning experience designer with over 14 years working as an instructor and over 8 years creating programs.

I believe that learning is much more than a person simply absorbing information or practicing skills. Real learning is measured by how a person can integrate information and skills into their everyday life and their work. I enjoy the process of looking at complex, technical information and skills and helping to create experiences where learners can succeed using instructional design frameworks.

Most recently I have focused on industrial arts skills, working at Humanmade, a makerspace and job training center. I have collaborated with subject matter experts in woodworking, metal fabrication, 3D printing, and 3D design software. However I believe my same approach can be applied to a wide variety of disciplines, I want to help people succeed in a wide variety of settings and skills.


Look below to learn more about me and to see a selection of my recent work. If you want to work with me directly you can also reach out, I love to work with individuals and organizations to spread workshop knowledge and skills.

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The following is a selection of projects that I have made for clients, including both individuals and companies. You can take a closer look at any of these projects by clicking on the images in the gallery.

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