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Project brief


CSU Monterey Bay

In my Masters of Instructional Design program, I took a course in audio and video production and editing. Assignments focused on targeted skills such as recording quality sound, editing with transitions, and creating interactive videos, among other skills. Each video was limited to 1-2 minutes, requiring careful scripting and editing decisions.

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Before this course, I had basic video editing experience with iMovie and Adobe Lightroom but lacked experience in producing scripted projects and recording or editing audio. I chose to learn Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia, industry-standard tools for instructional video production. To gain additional practice, I incorporated video work into other program projects.

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The solution

Here is a selection of my most effectively produced videos. Most focus on my professional interest in woodworking and designing woodworking training programs, though I also explored other subjects for additional practice.

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The results

I produced videos not only for my multimedia course but also for projects in other classes during my master's program, including my final capstone project. Additionally, I later created videos for several prototype training programs at Humanmade.

Video examples

Turning a bowl

A short promotional video showing a montage of how to turn a small bowl on the wood lathe. Meant to encourage new members to try the wood lathe training.

Saw blade choice

A short video showing the benefits and drawbacks of the most common styles of table saw blades.

CMS training

The organization is changing from one CRM system to another. This is a brief video showing how to book workshop equipment in the new system.

What is CNC

An introduction to CNC machines at the Humanmade woodshop. What they can do, their history, and how something goes from digital design to being cut.


Look below to learn more about me and to see a selection of my recent work. If you want to work with me directly you can also reach out, I love to work with individuals and organizations to spread workshop knowledge and skills.

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